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Teddy is a 15-year-old West Highland White Terrier-mix that was brought to the shelter by his owners. They dropped him off and requested euthanasia. Fortunately for Teddy, the Shelter felt he had more time left and euthanasia wasn’t the answer.

Teddy appears to have spent most of his life by himself and with other dogs. He doesn’t seem to hear or see, but as soon as a small dog or cat approaches him, he wags his tail and his whole body moves with happiness. Teddy is living with a German Shepherd who is very respectful and loves other dogs, but Teddy will bark at him if the shepherd gets too close.

Teddy is totally housebroken, which really is amazing. Every time it is time to go out, he gets up and knows his way to he sliding door. Teddy knows the cement walk way to get to the grass, loves walking through the grass, and knows his way back to the sliding door. Sometimes he is a few inches off, but usually he is pretty close to knowing the path to come back inside.

Teddy is left loose while his foster mom is at work. No need to crate him as he sleeps almost all the time. However, he knows when it is meal time and makes his way to his bowl to wait. Teddy has his dry food and a bit of canned food in it. He loves his food!

I don’t think Teddy was shown a lot of affection nor love. He seems to appreciate a pat on his head and walks off to his bed. Teddy also likes a nice scratch down his back sometimes, but due to pain from arthritis, he prefers just a little head scratch. Teddy never seeks out attention.

Teddy gets around just fine and doesn’t have any issues with mobility. He wouldn’t be suited for walks or steps due to his lack of eye sight, but rather nice outings in the yard is what he enjoys. Teddy loves the sun and walking through the tall grass.

We believe Teddy is worthy of an amazing home. It seems he hasn’t had that in his life. We would love for his new owner to take joy in seeing his tail wags, his body wiggles in happiness and watching him sleep so soundly and knowing that, for the first time in his life, he will have all of the happiness and love he deserves. We are hoping to find that special person. We know his family is out there.

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