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Sasha is new to rescue! This absolutely stunning, 4-1/2-year-old, 73-pounds, red and black, female German Shepherd Dog is everything you could ever dream of in having a German Shepherd.

Sasha is calm and well mannered. Her foster mom is working on perfecting her leash manners. While walking on leash, she’s interested in smelling everything she sees and if she sees a dog she looks at them but she doesn’t pull towards them or acknowledge them in any other way.

Sasha happily greets both people and dogs she meets while in her foster home.
She is crate-trained too.

The only reason Sasha was given up was that her previous owner is involved in cat rescue. Her previous owner took in Sasha’s brother and then offered to take his sister when his sister needed a place to go. However, her previous owner quickly deemed it a situation where Sasha was not best suited. Sasha was focused on chasing the cats. She also discovered Sasha was best in a home without livestock as Sasha was determined to go and visit the goats. Her owner made the best decision for Sasha to place her with us.

At night Sasha sleeps next to the bed in her foster home. During the day, she loves following her foster mom around and loves going outside and sitting on the deck.

Sasha is currently in a foster home with Bella, the injured puppy, in our care. She will allow Bella to share her bones and her water bowl. They will also share toys.

What does Sasha’s ideal home sound like?

We know how rare it is to find well mannered dogs like Sasha. Our ideal home for her is with someone who has a nice quiet household. She seems to prefer less chaos than a home with a puppy, for example. When there is a lot of chaos and activity, she prefers to leave the room for a more quiet relaxing environment. She will even go and sit in her crate for a respite from the noise.

She would probably enjoy a household with one or two adults. She seeks the company of her human so it would be best that someone be home a lot of the time with her. Therefore, someone who works from home or who is retired would even be ideal. It should be someone without cats and livestock.

Sasha enjoys dog visitors, but isn’t really interested in playing with other dogs as her focus is her dog person.

If you feel that we have described your household, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to adopt Sasha, please apply today!

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