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Mr. Foster is new to rescue! He is a 4-year-old, neutered, Maltipoo. Mr. Foster was surrendered by his owner after his owners moved and the landlord said he couldn’t stay. He was well-loved prior to coming to us, but losing his home was very traumatizing for him.

Mr. Foster is being fostered with other dogs and has been around cats. He enjoys the smaller and larger dogs. Mr. Foster especially enjoys playing with the visiting German Shepherd Dog that comes over.

Mr. Foster’s foster mom is retired and home with Mr. Foster most of the time. When she does leave the house to go to the grocery store/short errands, she leaves him loose. If she leaves him for a longer period of time, she crates him. At night, Mr. Foster sleeps in bed with his foster mom. So, we need to ensure an adopter is OK with a dog cuddling in bed at night with them. Mr. Foster sleeps all night long and doesn’t make a sound.

Mr. Foster is also completely housebroken. During the day, he is very calm, well-mannered and quiet. However, we feel Mr. Foster would probably enjoy someone who likes to walk or has a nice fenced backyard. He is also very agile, so agility or fun activities in the yard would probably be a wonderful option for him.

It takes about 30-45 minutes for Mr. Foster to warm up to new people. He isn’t the type of dog that does well with strangers who want to rush up to pet him. For this reason, we feel a single or adult couple would be best for Mr. Foster. He has never lived with children, either. Mr. Foster bonds strongly to his people, so a home with an owner who is home most of the time is ideal for him.

Mr. Foster loves to follow his foster mom around the house and sit with her. He especially likes to sit high up on things to watch over everything. The first night Mr. Foster arrived in his foster home, he thought the kitchen table and kitchen counter were good spots for visibility. But he learned we don’t sit on the counters!

Mr. Foster has so much personality and is so much fun. His foster home adores him and if she didn’t already have her own two dogs, she would keep Mr. Foster.

If you would like to adopt Mr. Foster, please submit an application today!

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