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Layla is an 11 year old puggle who lost her home through no fault of her own.

Layla’s previous owner had a baby and his partner made it clear she does not like dogs. Layla’s owner made the heartbreaking decision to rehome her.

Layla had been well loved and spoiled. She is quiet and very well mannered. She lived in a townhome and has excellent house manners. When she wants to go outside, she will tap at the door to go outside and to come back in. During the summer months, the previous owner would simply leave the back door open to the small yard for her to go out.

She loves to cuddle on her pillow and will happily sit there for 8 hours a day while her previous owner was at work.

Layla loves food and treats. However, she doesn’t beg nor whine. She will simply stare and you in hopes her laser beam stare will cause you to hand her a nice treat.

Layla also loves car rides. She is excited to go out as she has been at home alone so much for several years now without any walks or exercise. She is on a nice diet now too to get back her slim figure

Layla has been raised as an only pet, so we prefer to place her as an only pet as well.

She has been spayed, microchipped and is vaccinated.

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