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We received an email about this handsome senior German Shepherd Dog, Lance, who was in a shelter and at risk of euthanasia due to his skin and ear infections. We were able to pull him just in time and he has arrived into rescue!

Lance has seen our vet to address all of these medical issues and is currently seeing a specialist to address his skin and ear issues. We will continue to ensure his medical needs are met until we are past them. Lance's ear and skin issues are not contagious to other dogs or people.

Lance is a wonderful, 8-year-old, purebred, male German Shepherd Dog. He weighs 105 lbs and is a huge affectionate boy. Lance loves to be pet and loves to lean into people he meets for even more affection.

Lance is currently in a boarding kennel as we are looking for a foster home with an outdoor kennel. It costs us $600 per month to board Lance and, mentally, he isn’t doing well there.

At the boarding kennel, Lance is around cats and small dogs without any issues. Lance isn’t fond of the crate, so we are looking for someone who is either retired or works from home or works full-time and has an outdoor kennel where he can stay when someone leaves the home. We only need him comfortable in the outdoor kennel if his person leaves the home, not if his person is at home.

Lance has excellent house manners and loves to hang out with you, whether you are watching TV or working on your laptop. When leaving the home, Lance will need to be in the outdoor kennel where he feels secure.

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