Not sure how to help?

We need more foster homes for dogs. Sometimes it’s just overnight, others it can be until the dog is placed. Right now there are more dogs in the shelters than ever, and we simply have nowhere to put them! If you’re interested in fostering, please contact us to find out how you can help.

If you can’t foster, why not just help us move dogs around? Dogs need to go in for vet appointments, get pulled from shelters, meet potential adopters, etc. Do you have a larger vehicle that could hold a dog or two? We need people to go out and bail dogs that have been evaluated. Our volunteers are spread out through Washington & the more holes we can fill, the better. We need people to help evaluate dogs, take pictures for the site, etc.

Got a camera? Got dog experience? Let us know! Can you bathe or brush a dog? Let us know! Many of the dogs come from the shelters not-so-fresh smelling. A little shampoo and lots of brushing can make him/her a brand new dog!